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Why ATMA ?

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is responsible for coordination and management of agricultural extension related work in the District.

Maintain appropriate project accounts for audit purposes.

Block Technology Team (BTT) consisting of line department representatives in the Block.

Farmers Advisory Committees at Block level comprising a group of farmers to advise and provide inputs to the BTT

The Scheme did not provide for dedicated manpower support at State, District and Block levels. The work pertaining to ATMA was mostly being looked after by officers of State Departments as an additional charge. Moreover, the extension system below the Block level was not optimal. Consequently, the implementation of the Scheme in the field could not show the desired impact.

Provision of specialist and functionary support at different levels viz. State Coordinator and faculty & supporting staff for SAMETI at State level, Project Director, Deputy Project Directors and supporting staff at District level and Block Technology Manager and Subject Matter Specialists at the Block level;

Farmers Advisory Committees at State, District and Block levels comprising a group of farmers to advise and provide inputs to the administrative bodies at each level;

Support to SAMETIs for creating essential infrastructure;

Delegation of powers to State Level Sanctioning Committee (SLSCs), set up under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, to approve the State Extension Work Plan (SEWP) prepared under the Extension Reforms Scheme.